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Probably like a lot of other computer people I find myself working with more than one computer. There in lies the problem, is it worth the overhead of manually having to synchronize all these pcs?

Sure source code is and always has been handled by a source control repository, tfs/svn etc.

But what about documents; during the week I started setting up a new desktop machine, tonight while working on a java project (i know i know) i found that i needed to copy a few strings into the clipboard as I was developing, now I usually do this from within vs2010 but I’m not sure how to do this from the Java Netbeans IDE so i though I’d use MS Onenote.. there in lied the problem. I wanted to access the notebook I had on my laptop but I didn’t want to start an import/export process (so 90ies Rolling on the floor laughing).

Turns out that onenote 2010 allows me to save my notebook on a network share (not so exciting because i could do this with UNC paths); but moreover it allows you to keep your notebook synchronized with windows live office space.

So now I‘ve got my notebooks sitting in the cloud and cached and accessed locally on different computers. Now I’ve not really invested much if any time in could services, but I think it’s time to start, I’ve a sneaky suspicion that going forward operating systems will become more and more cloud integrated. I can’t see anyone choosing to manually upload and download documents to servers when this can now easily be managed by hitting that save button.

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