Not just a new look for 2011

Have updated a host of new features on my blog, (running Blog Engine 2.0 released on 1st January)

I’m now writing my blogs offline with Wndows Live Writer, and click of the mouse posting them to, no more manually fighting with rich text markup formatting  and html.

New features:

  • Upgraded to .NET 3.5
  • New Control Panel - complete makeover
  • Recaptcha, captcha to reduce spam for Comments and Contact Form
  • SimpleCaptcha, captcha to reduce spam
  • TypePadFilter, anti-spam comment filter
  • Disqus, optionally replace the normal comment system with Disqus
  • SQL CE 4.0 support - standalone DB storage in the App_Data directory
  • Recycle bin for Posts, Pages and Comments
  • New Dashboard in control panel
  • Posts list and Pages list - grid of all Posts and Pages in one easy to see area
  • Added jQuery, automatically included and available in pages
  • Security improvements - related to external content the blog may download
  • New Media Elements JS library extension for HTML5 video support
  • Themeable Widget Containers & Newsletter widget Notification Emails
  • New Syntax Highlighter extension - most popular syntax highlighting library
  • Roles & Rights system - create Roles and assign Rights to each role
  • Private blog feature - require users to be logged in to access the blog
  • Option to allow self-registration for visitors
  • Support for Unicode characters in the URL for Posts and Pages.
  • Improved JS/CSS minification speed and size
  • Latest version of tinyMCE WYSIWYG editor
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