Using jQuery UI Autocomplete


Hi all, here’s an example of how to use jQuery UI Autocomplete in ASP MVC3.

The sample app I will show actually connects to a work related webservice, but you could use any repository you so wish.


Create a MVC3 application

Add jQuery UI (use nuget)




Create your UX

I just added the following to my Home/Index.cshtml view



Add a new script to your scripts folder


here you can see that on the page load, I wrap my input “#uris” and call the jQuery UI auto complete on it.

I set the source to /Home/GetModels  i.e. the GetModels function on the HomeController.cs


Add the GetModels function (click to enlarge)


Here you can see that I’m just using a webservice to search for entities called modelUris (just strings) and I return the first 10 matches.

For testing you could just use.

return Json(new string[] {“one”, “two”}, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);


Here’s what it looks like


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