The happy life of a web developer


Spent some of the weekend mucking about with getting a website to go with an iPhone and WP7 app I’m developing with one mister Tomas McGuinness, the whole idea is a wonderful combination of the MS stack of love with a bit of xcode thrown in for good measure.

What better way to experience new tech than to come up with a pet project and get stuck in, so far we’ve gotten down and dirty with

  • MS Sync Framework: the backbone of our interoperability using OData and WCF Services.
  • WP7 Silverlight : The windows phone app
  • Silverlight Ria services: The rich internet application that also runs OOB (out of the browser on the desktop)
  • MVC JQuery Ajax.
  • Html 5: (low level stuff just now but really excited about this)
  • XCode: iPhone app.
  • IE9 Jump lists: quick site navigation.

  • Dusted off the old Photoshop shortcut, to modify a template and apply it to our MVC application, and it’s been a hell of a lot of fun, jQuery is pretty impressive at the visual end too, animations etc. are trivial and a joy to play with.

Site coming to an internet near you soon (if we manage to get some free time).


Now the techie bit, a sample how to slide in a panel/div.

    ViewBag.Title1 = "Grass";
    ViewBag.Title2 = "Manager";   
@section head {    
    @*BEK: Add some animation using jquery*@
        $(function () {            
            $("#wel_topd").slideDown('slow', function () {
                // Animation complete.

@section is used to inject some scripts into the head of the html page.

Then you see a little bit of jQuery that hides the div “Welcome to iFarm” in the screenshot above and slide it in from top

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