Reading a file in Windows 8 html5 js


Hi again, this is my last post were I compare the same WinRT application written in three different ways.

  • C++ / Xaml
  • C# / Xaml
  • JavaScript / html

My previous post covers c++ and c#, this one covers javascript.

JavaScript / html



I have to admit, this really took me by surprise! It was pretty painless. I had it written off before I even tried it, but this task proved somewhat simplistic. I’d one little obstacle trying to use a CDN, but other than that it was trivial.

So the penny has dropped, the WinRT developer pool is going to be massive! I predict good things.
If Microsoft play their cards correctly it will be a very successful platform (even more so with the promises of WP8 portability).

So what didn’t I like about this particular app? Not much really, other that realising I’ve a lot more talent to content with Winking smile



So I compared the three different approaches, for the task in question c#/xaml or js/html won hands down.
C++ was overkill.

I think each option would have to be considered on an application per application basis.


btw: on a non related note: my wife has just switched on the bedroom networked TV and windows 8 on the laptop here in the sitting room started installing stuff


I’m sure it’s got to be cool, if only I knew what for Smile

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