So it took me 2 hours (downloads on 2mbps included) to create an Android app in eclipse.

Wonder is that something I should be proud of giving I’ve been in software for nearly 15 years now…. 2 hours for a hello world… 


Listening to .net rocks and Xamarin podcast got me thinking, I really should see what’s involved in creating an Android app, after all I’m a registered Microsoft and Apple developer, I can create Wp7 apps in my sleep, I’ve even flirted with iOS, why not give Google and Android a shot.

I was going to install MonoDroid for VS2010, but hey i’m doing a hello world, no need for all this cross platformability. I’ve been doing a fair bit of java lately and eclipse doesn’t frighten me anymore so I just downloaded and installed the tools, and created the above app.. baby steps..

Any downsides? yes,, Now I wanna buy a Android tablet Who me?.

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  • Hey, thanx for posting.
    Your post shows that you put a lot of effort in it.
    It will give motivation to other android developer's.
  • haha, what a really encouraging comment haha
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