HowTo: Consume WCF From WF4

Hi all.

I've discovered this is not as simple as it would appear to be.
Infact it's worse; in "order" to do this you will need to jump through a few hoops...; in a particular order!


1. Add an activity library project
2. Add a reference to this new project from your WF4 app (any app with workflows.. silverlight/mvc etc)
    ENSURE: this is done before step 3 or visual studio 2010 will give you a circular reference error!
3. In the activity library add the service reference to your webservice
4. Modify your webconfig file to contain the abc information for the connection (servicemodel stuff)
5. Now use the activities (from the toolbox)

I gather from crawling through google that the above sequence is already well defined as a workaround for the vs2010 bug.



WCF 4.0 File-less Activation (.svc less)

http://url/abc.svc  .svc at the end of url makes it user unfriendly. It also makes it Low REST service as it donot follow the REST URI principle.

Till date developers have to overcome this limitation by implementing URLReWrite module in IIS.
Writing custom code to implement this is error prone and needs maintenance over a period. WCF 4.0 has introduced
a feature to access WCF services using attribute called as relativeAddress.
Following .config setting depicts how a Calculat

orService can be accessed using relative URL.




        <add relativeAddress="/Payment" service=“CalculatorService.svc"/>






I've just tried to do this in an application I was working on, don't know where I got my origional information from but this Fileless activation was not what was advertised at the time, it requires a .svc extension on the url without the need for for a .svc physical file.

I've accomplished my restful approach with routing.