VS2010 C++11 Variadic Templates


If you’ve been following the changes in the C++11 standard you may have heard of Variadic templates. In layman’s terms: var arg template parameters.

Lets take c# to explain what we’re talking about: Take the Action generic delegate, there’ 16 of them! One overload for each parameter.


However in c++11 we should (when the compiler supports it) be able to use to indicate that we can have a variable number of type parameters ( I expect comes form java).

The long and the short of it is, they don’t work yet in vs2010 yet Sad smile


I wonder do they work in VS11? I’ll update this post once I get a chance to fire it up. I’ll also fire up my Linux machine and give the GNU compiler a whirl.

Stay tuned…


** update: Doesn’t work in VS11 either.