Windows Workflow 4.0

Ok, forget what you learned about workflow in 3.5.

Windows Workflow 4.0

4.0 changes everything you thought you knew about workflow.

WF 4.0 represents a bottom-up rewrite with entirely new thinking. The gains are enormous: custom activities take centre stage, and authoring them is much simpler; workflows are entirely declarative; and there are three workflow flow styles that you can combine seamlessly. It's possible that you could see a 10-fold improvement in the time required to create and debug workflows, in addition to 10- to 100-fold runtime performance improvements. You'd also have better control over persistence. Additionally, there's support for partial trust, a completely rewritten designer, and a better debugging experience. One of the most important improvements is in the re-hosting experience. This allows you to create activities and to allow power users -- and others -- to build or modify workflows with the constrained set of activities you've created. Yes, this is possible in WF 3.0/3.5, but the necessary code is challenging, not to mention exceedingly difficult to debug.

The improvements to WF 4.0 come at a cost. Microsoft developed two inter-op strategies to help you over this hurdle. WF 3.0/3.5 will remain part of the framework and will run side by side with WF 4.0. This lets you manage the transition at a time that fits your organization's broader goals. The other inter-op strategy is an inter-op activity that allows you to use WF 3.0/3.5 activities in a WF 4.0 workflow. Workflows are a specialization of activities, so you'll probably be able to run entire 3.0/3.5 workflows inside WF 4.0 workflows.


Screenshot VS2010 B2


Testing Silverlight

My first (public silverlight application)..

Had quite a bit of fun getting this Silverlight 3.0 application hosted in Blog Engine .. More to come.. time for some sleep now.. 02:20am...


ERROR - UNABLE TO LOAD CONTROL : ~/User controls/SilverlightControl.ascx


Hello and welcome.
So I've started blogging... lets see how long this lasts

Why the change?

About 5 months ago I started writing my own Blog engine,

This was a great idea when the only thing (.NET wise) that I wanted to improve upon was my ASP.NET related coding.

My UX background started out with MFC, WTL and then rapidly progressed onto windows forms when I first got my hands on a beta version of .NET 1.0.; however my progress with ASP has been slower than expected as I've never worked for an ASP house, yes I come up with some useful apps that I run on intranets but they are nearly all a labour of love..

As I'm also interested in WPF/Silverlight/WCF/.NET 4.0, basically anything MS related... I find there are not enough hours in the day ..

So what I really needed was a blog engine where I could blog my findings with these new technologies along with other findings .NET related.

Think that's a longwinded way of saying I got lazy and downloaded a ready made solution.  BlogEngine.NET.

Don't expect me to offer full blown solutions and projects with each blog item.. Remember "there are not enough hours in the day..."