A web app in minutes, java and .net

In this post I show you how to generate a shell for a web applications in both Java and .NET, while they are not directly a one to one mapping I think some of you will find this interesting should you have never created a web application on either stack or perhaps just one of the below mentioned.
I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.





Follow up

I did promise to dissect both projects however I ran out of time,

I’ll leave it to you to pick your tech stack of choice and if you have any questions just ask below and I’ll explain in more detail if necessary.

Output and Encoding in ASP.net 4.0

Pre .NET 4.O

Prior to  ASP.NET 4.0 (and especially with MVC) when a user outputted information to a webpage they used <%= Server.HtmlEncode(modelViewStore.Content) %>

The reason for the Encoding is primiarily to prevent XSS (cross site script injection) whereby someone may try to inject some client side script or HTML Markup to vandalize a site or to steal valuable information.

This approach has a few shortcommings; like,

* Users may forget the encoding
* bit verbose


.NET 4.0

A new nugged has arrived:

<%: modelViewStore.Content %>